Abid Beli

Chief Executive Officer
Abid Beli

In 2014 he started a company 'Madjoint Studios' with a goal to start 100 startups and have a brief plan to handover these to aspiring entrepreneurs with 40% share as Co-founders. He has successfully started 21 Startups untill now including Deliverywalay, iSmartfilms, MovingAdz & Pakistani Commodities.

Recently he started trade business ChinaPakTrade to import goods from China and Gwadar Linkers to link people from all over Pakistan and explore opportunities in Gwadar. Beside all business activities he actively works with Akhuwat Foundation, Kiran Foundation & Supports Free Media as PR & Marketing Consultant. He enjoys his life's journey despite all the ups & downs.

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Abdullah Babur - Cofounder

Abdullah Babur

Communications Manager

I am Abdullah and since time I have been interested in digital campaigns. At the age of 15, I became the co-founder of LavaDew, a freelance services company to provide creative designs. Though my experience includes designing books, games and activities for children, my main focus has been Social Media Marketing. Nowadays I am working on a template-based course on generating content for Social Media platforms.

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Ayesha Babur

Ayesha Babur

Design Strategi-zer

I'm Ayesha - a young design strategizer. I create engergizing digital designs & strategies that stand out and fit-in at the same time. Are you looking for a creative that stands-in and stands-out at the same time? That's probably fiction, but I'm the nearest to what you're looking for!

Asadullah Babur

Asad Ullah

Ads Insight-ist

I'm Asad - A Serial Ads Designer. I'm passionate about using statistics & facts to create new 'realities'. I'm very passionate about creative campaigns using user's generated content and engaging user to a great extent!

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