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How to kill marketing with great Social Media Content!

Bill Gates said in 1996 that 'Content is King'. Which truly means to become best at anything, you need to come up with great content. And content isn't just about Sassy Jokes, Quotes and Puns. What do you think makes up great engaging content? Here's out list.

  1. Context is everything when it comes to great content. Throwing stuff without context makes little sense and sometimes causes back-lash
  2. Is your audience ready for that piece of information? How are they likely to respond to it? How'd it make them feel? Keeping your audience in mind is very important
  3. What kind of message is your content delivering? How'd one feel after receiving your content?
  4. Psychologically speaking, how likely is your content to stick up in someone's memory and get recalled at the right times?
  5. How attention-grabbing is your content? How likely is one to go through all of that?
That's not a very exhaustive list, but gives you the idea. Let us know if you think anything is missing!