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Don't have the skills, but want to control your own website?

Are you one of those guys who constantly need to update their websites like bloggers? And want to have control over it and the ability to do it yourself?

Content Management System is used for creating and managing the content without the knowledge of coding and programming languages. It is very useful for editors, bloggers, organizers and designers. It takes less to time to initiate too.

Generally speaking, if you want to publish a new article the process is:

  1. Write the article
  2. Get it approved
  3. Send the article to developers
  4. The article document is then converted to the desired code such as HTML, PHP, ASP, etc.
  5. The article is then placed and tested on website
  6. In some cases, there will be a staging server where these documents reside until they are fully functional and all errors are emitted.
  7. The articles are then published to live website
Content Management System cuts down 3-6 for you, and the need of having a technical developer's team.. Saving you time, money & headache!